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Adding colour to the conservatory

Adding Colour

We were invited to look at a 30 year old aluminium conservatory with curved double glazed units that had misted up. Replacing the glass would have been too expensive for the client and would have caused major upheaval.

The conservatory was an integral part of the house and in very good condition with no leaks and no other problems except for these three misted units. After a careful consideration the solution was to apply a coloured transparent window film.

We applied five different colours to the inside of the glass in the end. Not only did we disguise the white stain marks inside the units, we added a fresh look to the conservatory for a fraction of cost to replace the glass units. The film is transparent enough to still see through and the tinted panels created a bright colourful mood in the conservatory when the sun shined through.

We have a wide range of tinted window films ideal for conservatories, glass partitions and windows. This transparent window film will totally transform the look of your glazing whilst allowing vision and light to pass through in both directions.

For more details about the range of solar control films available or for details on other products including privacy solutions, safety or security films, manifestation and decorative options such as digital or printed graphics, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01428 751004.

Colour on conservatory roof

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