Privacy Window Films

We have a wide range of privacy window films that can act as an anti-theft deterrent, making it possible to obscure the view through windows from prying eyes outside, whilst maintaining sufficient light transmission into your building keeping it light & airy with a clear view looking out.

Our privacy window films are available in two types:

  • Obscuring films (with a “sandblast” or “frosted” effect appearance) which prevent a clear vision from either side of the glass. Giving you privacy day or night.
  • Daytime one-way privacy window film, having a virtually invisible neutral finish. This type of window film works so that during the day, it will give you a clear view out whilst protecting you and your property from onlookers outside.

Our privacy window film is available from the popular Silver 20 mirror film (used mainly on commercial buildings) to the subtle True Vue 30 or Stainless Steel 20. Perfect for residential use.

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