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Furniture Vinyl Wraps

Upgrade Furniture With Creative Vinyl Laminates


Furniture vinyl wraps have become a popular finish to update existing or tired-looking furniture and walls. Upgrading existing surfaces with furniture vinyl wraps means no more discarding perfectly good furniture, no more painting and up to 50% cheaper than replacement furniture.

No dust, no builders, no odours and no noise. Our textured finishes including gloss and matt finishes are perfect for modernizing your furniture for a fraction of the price of replacing.

Suitable for hotel, commercial and residential applications alike. Our tear-resistant furniture vinyl is perfect for modernizing or updating old and tired furniture, including kitchen cabinets, appliances, wardrobes, doors, bars, furniture and even walls.

We have a wide choice of over 800 creative designs and finishes. All with excellent resistance to abrasion, acid (ethanol, salt), stains, dirt and mould. 10-year life expectancy.

With over 800 designs to choose from:-
– Wood
– Natural Stone
– Metallic
– Marble
– Leather
– Glitter
– Fabric
– Solid Colours

For more information about our vinyl Laminates. Visit or sister website at

If you would like help or advice

Call us on 01428 751004 for advice or a Free No Obligation quotation.
We provide an installation service to most of the UK.
Fancy installing film yourself? Why not visit our furniture vinyl online shop for DIY furniture laminates.

Our tear-resistant furniture vinyl which is perfect for modernizing old and tired furniture.

Our office anti-glare film which is applied to reduce glare and reflections to improve visibility.

Office anti glare film