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Privacy Window Film

Secure your property from prying eyes….

Securing your valuables at home or workplace near windows and doors can be challenging during the daytime hours. Closing blinds, curtains or having net curtains can make the room dark or indicate to a potential thief that your property is empty, something the police service advice against.

With our neutral privacy window films applied to the existing glazing of your home or office make it virtually impossible to tell from both inside and out that a film has been applied to your windows. But this small change will provide you with both privacy & security, preventing valuables in your home or office from being on the show to potential thieves and onlookers.

What Privacy window film is best for you?
Privacy can be achieved by applying a film to your existing glazing, ideal for the home or at work. Privacy window film can act as an anti-theft deterrent, making it possible to obscure the view through windows from prying eyes outside, whilst maintaining sufficient light transmission into your building keeping it light & airy and a clear view out.

Our privacy window films are available in two types.
Obscuring films (with a “sandblast” or “frosted” effect appearance) which prevent a clear vision from either side of the glass. Giving you privacy day or night. Our most popular DIY privacy film is Clear Frost.


Daytime one-way privacy window film, having a virtually invisible neutral finish. This type of window film works so that during the day, it will give you a clear view out whilst protecting you and your property from onlookers outside. DIY privacy window films are available through our online shop or we can install a film for you.

If you would like help choosing the right film?

Call us on 01428 751004 for advice or a Free No Obligation quotation.
We provide an installation service to most of the UK.
Fancy installing film yourself? Why not visit our online shop for DIY window films.
Fitting instructions included

Office anti glare film - Window Films UK

Office anti glare film - UK Window Films

Office anti glare film - UK Window Films