Solar Control 50

£32.50£1,314.72 Inc. vat

Total Solar Energy Reduction 54%

Glare Reduction 46%

UV Reduction 99%


Key Features:

  • Type: Premium spectrally selective solar control window film
  • Technology: Latest generation in window film technology
  • Appearance: Very low, subtle natural appearance


  1. Solar Control:
    • Infrared and Visible Light Blocking: Designed to block select wavelengths of infrared and visible light radiation, reducing solar heat and glare
    • UV Protection: Blocks harmful UV light, protecting interior furnishings from fading
  2. Electromagnetic Protection:
    • Wide Spectrum Shielding: Protects against a variety of EMF sources including mobile phones, WiFi, power lines, substations, smart meters, and dirty electricity from household appliances and solar power installations
    • Health Benefits: Mitigates the effects of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), enhancing occupant well-being
  3. Natural Light:
    • Luminous Interior: Allows natural light to enter the room, maintaining a bright and pleasant living environment
  4. Aesthetic and Privacy:
    • Subtle Appearance: A very light tint that is virtually unnoticeable , preserving ta natural view looking out through the glazing


Solar Control 50 can be applied to existing glass windows in both residential and commercial buildings. It enhances the comfort and energy efficiency of the interior space by reducing solar heat gain and glare while maintaining natural light and visibility.

Technical Specifications:

  • Solar Heat Reduction: Efficiently blocks select wavelengths of infrared radiation
  • UV Rejection: Blocks a significant amount of UV radiation
  • Visible Light Transmittance (VLT): Designed to allow ample natural light into the room


Solar Control 50 Spectrally Selective Window Film is an advanced solution for those seeking to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of their building while preserving natural light. Its ability to block specific wavelengths of solar radiation reduces heat and glare without compromising the view or the luminous quality of the interior space.

What is Carbon Negative window film?
Carbon Negative window film means that the environmental impact required to manufacture, distribute, install and dispose of at the end of the films life cycle, is less than the carbon reduction achieved as a result of the window films installation. Making them environmentally friendly and help reduce your carbon footprint.


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Weight N/A
Dimensions 1000 × 1520 cm
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910mm / 91cm wide, 1220mm / 122cm wide, 1520mm / 152cm wide

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