Silver 20

£23.10£506.00 Inc. vat

Total Solar Energy Reduction 80%

Glare Reduction 81%

UV Reduction 99%

Silver 20 window film is a popular solar reflective metal sputtered film. That offers excellent protection from the sun’s solar heat, UV light and annoying glare. Silver 20 is also an ideal film for protecting fabrics and furnishings from fading. Plus adding one-way daytime privacy from passer-by for your windows and doors.

Silver 20 window film unique properties, allows the natural light to enter in to the room for a luminous and light interior. At the same time affording a comfortable and temperate living environment. Viewed from the outside, Silver 20 window film gives a modern mirror finish, whilst allowing a clear uninterrupted views when looking from the inside out through the glass.


Silver 20 is ideal film for most internal glass applications. Designed to help reduce the sun’s heat, glare and UV light, offer daytime privacy and fade protection for fabrics and furnishings. Suitable for conservatories, residential, industrial and commercial properties. Ideal for single and and most double glazed units. Internal glass application only.

Carbon Negative 

Carbon Negative window film means that the environmental impact required to manufacture, distribute, install and dispose of at the end of the films life cycle. Is less than the carbon reduction achieved as a result of the window films manufacture, purchase and installation. Making them environmentally friendly and help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Additional information

Roll Width (mm / cm)

1220mm / 122cm wide, 1520mm / 152cm wide

Film Length (m / cm)

1m / 100cm long, 2m / 200cm long, 3m – 300cm long, 4m / 400cm long, 5m / 500cm long, 6m / 600cm long, 7m / 700cm long, 8m / 800cm long, 9m / 900cm long, 10m / 1000cm long, 12m / 1200cm long, 15m / 1500cm long, 20m / 2000cm long, 25m / 2500cm long, 30m / 3000cm long