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Do you Need Window Insulation Film in the UK?

If you would like high quality window insulation film in the UK, then UK Window Films will be happy to help. We are a company that professionally supplies and installs window films, and can be counted upon to be reliable, prompt and friendly. Over the past 25 years we have been gaining essential knowledge and experience from the window film and graphics sector, and this has allowed us to consistently improve and expand our range of products and workmanship. 

What Services do we Provide?  

At UK Window Films we want to give our clients window films that not only look good, but that can also provide beneficial qualities, from increased security and privacy to UV and electromagnetic protection. If you want excellent window insulation film in the UK, our Low-E window films are a great choice. These films offer you protection from solar heat trying to get into your property, prevent heat from escaping from your home, but will still allow the natural light to come in and your view remains unobstructed. 

If you would like to install your own window insulation film in the UK or any of our other films, please visit our online shop, instruction page and specification page to ensure that you pick the most appropriate film, and install it correctly. We will always be on hand to help should you need it. Our window films have been proven to be carbon-negative which is a fantastic way to help the environment, as it means that the amount of greenhouse gases we are preventing from entering the atmosphere, is higher than the amount that is released during production. If you would like to find out more about how our carbon-negative films can help the environment then visit this page.

Our selection of window films extends further than window insulation film in the UK. We can supply and install conservatory window films and heat control films, in order to help maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. Our anti-glare, photochromic, UV, security and EMF window films are designed to protect you and your belongings from sun damage, electromagnetic pollution and reduce break-in damage. 

If you would like more detail about each of our products then click here. We are also able to supply bespoke window graphics for you, from cut frosted glass to printed wallpapers, which can work for both decorative reasons, and for commercial branding purposes. 

The Benefits of Quality Window Insulation

By having high quality window insulation you can make your property much more energy efficient. The window insulation film is able to keep the heat escaping through your windows. This means that your property remains warm and you do not have to turn up your heating, which would increase utility bills, lower your energy efficiency and harm the environment. 

Our insulation film also offers protection against solar heat. The insulation is able to block a considerable quantity of solar heat that would normally penetrate through the glass, and significantly raise the temperature. This block greatly reduces the need for air conditioning, which like heating produces the same detrimental cost, efficiency and environmental impacts. By selecting a first class company to install and supply your window insulation film in the UK, you can ensure that it will provide you with all the benefits listed above. 

Why not Contact us for More Information?

If you would like to further discuss our window insulation film in the UK, then please give us a call on 01428 751004 or send an email to Our efficient team will respond quickly and give you all the help you need.