Heat Control Window Films

Keep Cool In Your Home and Workplace

We stock a wide comprehensive range of solar control window films designed to help reduce solar heat build-up through your glazing. Whether for the home or workplace.

Solar heat transmitted through the glazing can quickly become unbearable. Applying a solar control window film can reject high levels of solar infrared heat radiation before entering a room, offering a strong protection against uncomfortable solar heat gain, hotpots and uneven temperature fluctuations.

Solar control window film will save you money on your energy bills. Energy consumption and strain on air-conditioning or cooling systems will be reduced by keeping the sun’s heat out of the room.

We also offer an energy efficiency survey service to help illustrate the savings made by applying a window film.

Window films from our unique range of virtually invisible or clear spectrally selective solar control window film can reject high levels of solar infrared heat radiation by up to 95% before entering a room. Protecting your environment from uncomfortable solar heat gain, hot spots and uneven temperature fluctuations.

Keep cool without closing blinds, curtains or air conditioning

What is spectrally selective window film?
Our new generation of spectrally selective solar control window film is a virtually invisible film with a very low reflectant surface similar to glass.

Unlike the traditional shiny reflective silver mirrored window films often seen in commercial buildings. These high performance films have a less reflective surface that allow more light into the room and have a clearer view when looking out. There design works by filtering out select wavelengths of the sun’s infrared radiation, using ceramic and precious metals. Rather than the tradition bright shiny metals used in mirror films.

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