Fade Protection Window Film

Protect Fabrics and Furnishings From Fading

Window Film blocks 99% of the ultraviolet light (UV) from entering through your glazing, helping to reduce the effects of skin cancer, fading. Helping to protect skin, artwork, fabrics, furnishings and shop displays.

Unprotected glass allows an abundance of harmful ultraviolet light causing premature ageing, fading and deterioration of your valuables.

By applying our fade protection window film to your existing windows will enhance the glass blocking 99% of harmful ultraviolet light. Some of our anti fade films will even help reduce high levels of damaging heat, helping to prolong the appearance and value of your home’s interior. Available in clear, so not changing the appearance of your home whether looking in or out of your windows.

What Causes fading?
UV light contributes 40% to the fading problem, heat contributes 25% and visible light another 25%. The remaining 10% is caused by other factors such as pollution, bad ventilation, artificial light and the quality of the dyes in the fabrics or furniture.

Need more information? Applying fade protection window film is an efficient and straightforward process. Call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best window film for your solution. Anti-fade window films can be professionally installed by our installation teams or purchased from our online store to install yourself.

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