External Window Films

Outside Weather Window Film

Our external window films will reject the sun’s solar heat and glare before entering a building. Making them some the most effective films in heat and glare control. This leads to a more comfortable and pleasant working environment for the occupants. Help increased a controlled environment all year round, and saves money by reducing HVAC running costs.

Our external window films have a special protective scratch resistant hard-coat. This makes the film more resilient to the sun effects and dirt build-up, than ordinary glass. Therefore they require less cleaning.

External window film is ideal for laminated and modern glazing with specialist coatings. These types of glazing may have physical properties that will prohibit the installation of traditional internal window films. There can also be situations where internal films cannot be applied, when access is restricted or when the building design is limited.

When traditional internal window film is applied on the inside of an insulated laminate glass unit, it can cause the inner pane of glass to heat more than the outer pane. This variance in temperature creates stress on the glass and can cause the laminated glass to crack or break. By applying the window film to the outer pane of the glass unit, the heating effect is transferred to the external pane. The external pane naturally releases more of the absorb energy back outdoors to the air, reducing stress to the glass and therefore the risk of breakage is significantly reduced.

Our external films are available in a range of solar performances, colours and tints. Prefect to enhance any building, increasing glass security and privacy.

Need more information? Applying fade protection window film is an efficient and straightforward process. Call and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best window film for your solution. Anti-fade window films can be professionally installed by our installation teams or purchased from our online store to install yourself.

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