Conservatory Window Films


UK Window Films provide the perfect solution with a wide range of clear and tinted professional solar control window films that will reduce the solar heat gain, cut the sun’s glare and keep you comfortable all year round.

With our conservatory window film applied directly on to your existing glass or polycarbonate roof and windows, you will see and feel the benefits immediately. Conservatory window film is designed to reject the sun’s heat and glare before entering the room. Cutting the sun’s heat by up to 82% and sun’s glare by as much as 94% providing a more comfortable environment whilst allowing the natural light in, keeping the conservatory light, airy, whilst still maintaining a clear view looking out.

Why traditional conservatory blinds do not work
While traditional conservatory window blinds provide protection against glare, they do not combat summer heat build-up. With modern glazing having Low-E or energy coatings for winter insulation, the summer heat is still building up inside the conservatory. A solar reflective window blind will not push the heat out through the Low-E energy saving glass. The trapped hot air will heat up the cooler air in the conservatory and increase the temperatures. With some uPVC conservatories excessive heat build-up will cause by the blinds to distort and damage the plastic trims.

Conservatory blinds will also reduce the natural light entering the room, making the conservatory and rooms behind, darker. Conservatory blinds obscure your view, trap dust and dead insects. Making cleaning a regular chore. Continuous exposure to the sun’s energy will deteriorate the fabric and plastic fittings, drying them out and causing them to become brittle in time.


Polycarbonate or Plastic Conservatory Roof?
Silver Shade polycarbonate film has been specially designed to be installed onto polycarbonate or plastic. No need to dismantle the conservatory roof to install, maintenance free and quick to install. The film has a high performance metallised coating, offering a low mirror appearance, which allows the natural light to enter the room.

A standard solar control window film cannot be installed to a plastic or polycarbonate roof panels. Polycarbonate and plastic materials release natural gases over there lifetime. If a window film was to be installed to polycarbonate it will bubble and blister within a short period of time.

Silver Shade polycarbonate film is specially designed to breathe and allow theses gasses to escape naturally, leaving a perfectly smooth finish without the risk of bubbles or blisters appearing.

Let us help you choose the correct conservatory window film or films.

Need more help choosing the right film? Call us on 01428 751004 for advice or a Free No Obligation quotation for us to install. Or visit our online shop for DIY window films.

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