Window Films

Nothing Works Better Than Window Film

Window film is a proven solution for most glass related problems. Even where traditional methods such as awnings, air-conditioning, curtains and blinds have failed.

At UK Window Films, we offer a wide range of residential and commercial films for a practical, cost-effective and efficient alternative compared with conventional window coverings. All of our window films are easily applied to glass of all shapes and sizes with minimal disruption and fuss.

By adding window film, film will provide a wide range of glass related solutions:-

Whatever your project, we can help you find a solution with our extensive film collection. From the standard mirrored window films to our spectacularly selective virtually invisible films. These films are almost invisible, meaning that you will benefit from a clear view, looking in or out. No compromising the external or internal aesthetic look of your property.

We stock a wide range of DIY films at our online shop or we can carry out a survey and install the films for you. When professionally installed, our window films come complete with a 12 to 16 year warranty. They are maintenance-free, scratch resistance and durable, so don’t put up with inadequate window coverings and choose your window film today!

With our office located in Liphook, Hampshire, we can easily install window films around the Southeast, London and most of the United Kingdom.

Need help choosing the right film? Call us on 01428 751004 for advice or a Free No Obligation quotation for us to install. Or visit our online shop for DIY window films.

anti glare window film

Installing window film

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