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Want to Understand the Benefits of Window Privacy Film in the UK?

Are you looking to find out how window tints will benefit you and your property? Well, UK Window Films is a family run company that is recognised all over the UK as a Which Trusted Trader of window films. Based in Liphook Hampshire, we have been offering window tint film for all purposes over the past 25 years. We will install the appropriate film according to your requirements from our wide selection of different films in order to protect you, your furnishings and fabrics from light damage and unwanted attention.

How Can Our Window Films Benefit you?

Window film is a modern, effective alternative to your conventional curtains and blinds. They have the same purpose of blocking glare from sunlight, enhancing the privacy of your property and preventing your furniture, fabrics and wall art from fading. Unlike curtains and blinds, window film does not restrict your view or stop natural light filling your rooms. 

Not only do our high quality films prevent colour fading but they are great at creating anti glare which can be particularly beneficial in offices and business properties as this helps remove light glare on computer screens; but don’t worry, it doesn’t block all of the light from entering your room, all of the good natural light will still get access through our films.

One of the most attractive benefits of our window films is those that support the privacy of your property. Our window privacy film in the UK is one of the best ways of securing your belongings inside your home or business as it is easily fitted to your existing windows and doesn’t look out of place or stand out to passers by. Although this alternative seems very simple, it is highly effective and discrete all at the same time. 

In comparison to sandblasted or frosted films, our privacy window film allows light to still pass through your windows and for you to see outside whilst blocking the view of those on the outside of your property, this then benefits the safety of you, your family, your belongings and your property itself. Why not see for yourself in our gallery.

Stay Secure with UK Window Films

If you are interested in discovering and experiencing the benefits of our window privacy film in the UK or any of our other window film options you can get in contact with us today. 

To speak to a member of our team you can call us on 01428 751 004 where we will be happy to answer any questions you may have along with providing you a free, no-obligation quote for the services we will use on your property depending on your specifications. 

Alternatively, you can send us an email to and we will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your enquiry in further detail in order to determine which of our films will benefit you and your property the most.

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