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Want to Learn How To Prevent Fabric From Fading in the Sun?

Are you tired of replacing cushions, rugs and other fabric furnishings in your property? Do you feel like your existing soft furnishings are meeting their life expectancy sooner than anticipated? We all know the damage that sunlight can cause to the colour of our fabrics and that sinking feeling when you turn a cushion over to see the difference in colour where it has faded in the sun, but what if we told you that there was a way to enjoy the vibrant colours of your fabrics for longer; even when they are sat in the sun all day? Well, you’ll be happy to know that with UK Window Films you can do exactly that.

For over 25 years our family run business has travelled all over the UK to provide customers with quality window films and the fully comprehensive installation services to go with them. During that time, UK Window Films has become the Which Trusted Trader for window films in Liphook, Hampshire and has also built an excellent reputation that has given our company the recognition and the opportunities that we need to ensure our new, existing and prospective customers are completely satisfied with our window films and bespoke graphics solutions. Find out more about us today over on our website.

Extend your Fabric’s Life with UK Window Films

Here at UK Window Films we understand that often any damage to your soft furnishings can’t be helped but this doesn’t mean that you have to put your hands up and let the sun fade the vibrant, elegant and contemporary colours of your fabrics. With our fade protection window film you can enjoy your fabrics original condition for much longer; no matter where they are found in your property.

Our fade protection window film is purely designed to block out 99% of harsh ultraviolet light, which not only plays a big part in reducing any fade to your fabrics but it has been recorded that this film is ideal for reducing the effects of skin cancer. So, the simple answer to the question, “how to prevent fabric from fading in the sun” it’s simple, just speak to UK Window Films about installing fade protection window film to the windows in your property and get an estimated price in a matter of minutes.

Discover More Purposes for our Quality Window Films and Graphics

So, if you are determined to protect your fabric from harsh sunlight in order to stop them fading and looking older than they actually are, then UK Window Films has the perfect solution on how to prevent fabric from fading in the sun, all you need to do to is head over to our website and browse through our gallery, have a read through our customer reviews or simply get in touch with our team to experience the magic of our window films and see the difference for yourself.
Should you have any questions or be seeking more information on a particular service that we have to offer here at UK Window Films, please do not hesitate to speak to our team directly by giving us a call on 01428 751 004, sending an email to or filling in the relevant details into our online contact form and one our experts will be able to provide you with the further information you are looking for on how to prevent fabric from fading in the sun and offer you a free, no obligation quote for you required service.

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