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Trying to Source a Reputable Window Film Supplier?

Is your conservatory too hot? Has your sofa fabric faded in the sun? If the answer is yes, then we would like to welcome you to UK Window Films. Our family business is the Which Trusted Traders for window films in Liphook, Hampshire. Our 25 years has allowed us to build our excellent reputation for first class, professional installation services, making us the go-to company to help you choose the right window film or agricultural finish for your project. 

At UK Window Films we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, efficient films for anything from heat control to anti-glare all the way to privacy, security and safety. Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, we are here to provide you with the best service, materials and experts. You can find our recent customer feedback on our website. Still not sure we can help accommodate your project? Then continue to read this post to see how we can help you.

A Brief Introduction to UK Window Films

Whether you are looking for a better way to get rid of the light glare that doesn’t mean shutting the curtains or maybe the neighbors house is that bit too close for comfort when you are trying to enjoy your book in the conservatory we have plenty of options for you. All of our window films are bespoke and made to measure.

Our wide range of comprehensive stock includes; but is not limited to;

  • Solar heat window films, these are designed to help reduce solar heat build-up through your glazing; be it at home, in your conservatory or at your workplace, it is suitable for more glass applications.
  • Anti-glare film is another film we offer. This is used to filter out the bright glare from the sun but doesn’t block your views, letting in the natural light needed to keep the room light and airy; so you can watch the kids in the back garden as they grow without any interruption.
  • Privacy window film not only gives you that extra bit of seclusion from the outside world but it also acts as an anti-theft deterrent; so you don’t have to worry about any prying eyes. The small changes of this film will provide you with the privacy and security you are after all whilst maintaining the sufficient natural light needed in your home.
  • Fade protection window films are one of our most popular options because we understand that preserving the colour in your furniture is just as important when looking after your possessions. Fade protection film blocks out 99% of UV light thus to help reduce damage not only on artwork, fabrics and furniture but also on your skin.
  • Security and safety films we apply to your existing glass are not too dissimilar to the glass used for the windscreen in your car. It is designed to protect you and your property in the event your glass breaks making it shatterproof.

These are just some of the films we can offer you with plenty more window film options available to suit your purpose. You can have a look at our gallery on our website and check out our previous work.

Interested in Finding out More?

For further advice about our company, services and products, please contact us by phone on 01428 751 004 or you can email us at, where we will be happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us for a free, no-obligation quote on our website. 

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