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What is Window Film?

Long Lasting Protection

Our window films have been manufactured by using an award winning development and advanced technology.

Transparent layers of high quality polyester are metallised using sputter technology. The roll of polyester is unwound, warmed gently and then passed over the target metals. Through ion bombardment the atoms of ceramic or metal particles such as silver, aluminium, stainless steel, gold, titanium and chromium are deposited on to the film. This ensures an even application, long lasting colour and excellent solar performance.

The metalized polyester is then laminated and coated using special adhesives. Finally ultraviolet inhibitors and protective scratch resistant coatings are then applied to protect the polyester and target materials.

The warranty period for most of our window films is 12 and 16 years against peeling, bubbling, de-lamination and discolouration. The life expentancyof our film will exceed the warranty lasting much longer when care for correctly.

Clean the same as ordinary glass. Most solvent free glass cleaners will work well using a non abrasive soft cloth, although a good cleaning solution for window film is 25 ml of a mild detergent added to one litre of fresh water.

Need help choosing the right film? Call us on 01428 751004 for advice or a Free No Obligation quotation for us to install. Or visit our online shop for DIY window films.