SL50 OSW external window film

£107.52£2,534.40 Inc. vat

Total Solar Energy Reduction 57%

Glare Reduction 45%

UV Reduction 99%

SL50 OSW is a premium virtually invisible solar control external window film with no mirror reflective tint.  SL50 OSW external window film is virtually undetectable once installed. SL50 OSW uses high-performance sputtered ceramic and  metal technology to reduce solar heat gain, the sun’s glare and UV light. The film has an elegant appearance without altering views. Whether looking in or out through your glazing. This film has a extremely good solar heat protection from the sun, whilst still allowing the natural sunlight to enter a room for a luminous interior. Maintaining a safe, cool and comfortable environment to live or work in.

The unique properties of the SL50 OSW external window film will not change the appearance of your glass once applied. A perfect solution for reducing the sun’s heat, 45% of the sun’s glare and fade protection in one application. Making it ideal for retail shop windows, historic properties, residential homes, conservatory windows or any building where a clear view is required, looking in and out through the glazing or not changing the look of the windows.

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SL50 OSW is available in a 1520mm wide roll. Sold by the linear metre


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 1000 × 1520 cm
Choose Your Window Film Width (mm/cm)

1520mm / 152cm wide

Choose Window Film Length (Metres)

1m / 100cm long, 2m / 200cm long, 3m – 300cm long, 4m / 400cm long, 5m / 500cm long, 6m / 600cm long, 7m / 700cm long, 8m / 800cm long, 9m / 900cm long, 10m / 1000cm long, 12m / 1200cm long, 15m / 1500cm long, 20m / 2000cm long, 25m / 2500cm long, x30m / 3000cm long, 30m / 3000cm long