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Photochromic Window Film

£140.00£3,300.00 Inc. vat

Total Solar Energy Reduction 57%

Glare Reduction up to 85%

UV Reduction 99%


Key Features:

  • Type: Transitional photochromic window film
  • Visible Light Transmittance (VLT): Starts at 72% and darkens to 25%
  • Color: Light blue tint
  • UV Protection: 99% UV rejection
  • IR Protection: 95% IR rejection
  • Durability: Scratch protection coating for long durability


  1. Dynamic Sunlight Control:
    • Photochromic Technology: Adjusts tint in response to UV sunlight intensity
    • Enhanced Glare Reduction: Provides strong glare control when the sun is bright
    • Natural Light: Maintains high clarity on dull or cloudy days and at night
  2. Energy Efficiency:
    • Solar Heat Reduction: High IR rejection helps keep interiors cooler, reducing air conditioning costs
  3. UV Protection:
    • Fading Prevention: Blocks 99% of UV rays, protecting interior furnishings from fading
  4. Optical Clarity:
    • High VLT: Begins at 72% VLT, ensuring a clear view looking out and allowing natural light to enter the room
    • Clear View: Retains a clear view both inside and out, unlike traditional blinds or curtains
  5. Durability:
    • Scratch Resistant: Coated with a scratch-resistant layer for everyday use and long-lasting performance


The TWF R80 photochromic window film can be applied to glass windows in both residential and commercial buildings. It offers a sophisticated alternative to traditional blinds or curtains by dynamically adjusting its tint based on sunlight intensity. This ensures optimal glare reduction and UV protection while maintaining a clear view looking out through your glazing and allowing natural light to enhance the room’s ambiance.


The TWF R80 Photochromic Window Film is an advanced solution for those seeking dynamic light control and superior protection against solar radiation. Its ability to adapt to changing sunlight conditions provides a comfortable and energy-efficient environment while preserving the view and enhancing the aesthetic appeal with a very subtle light blue tint. The film’s durability and easy maintenance make it a practical choice for modern residential and commercial spaces.


Download Specification Sheet

Roll Width is 1520mm. 


Additional information

Dimensions 1000 × 1520 cm
Choose Your Window Film Width (mm/cm)

1520mm / 152cm wide

Choose Window Film Length (Metres)

1m / 100cm long, 2m / 200cm long, 3m – 300cm long, 4m / 400cm long, 5m / 500cm long, 6m / 600cm long, 7m / 700cm long, 8m / 800cm long, 9m / 900cm long, 10m / 1000cm long, 12m / 1200cm long, 15m / 1500cm long, 20m / 2000cm long, 25m / 2500cm long, 30m / 3000cm long

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