Photochromic Window Film

£240.00£2,100.00 Inc. vat

Total Solar Energy Reduction 57%

Glare Reduction up to 85%

UV Reduction 99%

WF R80 is the latest transitional photochromic window film available. Photochromic window film will reduce the sun’s glare when needed, without blocking your view. Unlike traditional window blinds or curtains. WF R80 photochromic window film offers a unique advantage over traditional window film. On dull or cloudy days and at night the tinting produced by the film is minimal. Enabling a clear view in and out of the window and allow more natural light to enter the room.

The photochromic film will only react when the sun’s rays intensify during the day. It starts at a high clarity of 72 VLT, clearer than our other photochromic films, and darkens to a VLT of 25. TWR R80 retains a greyscale tint.

As well as having the strongest glare control for transitional film, TWF R80 has outstanding protection against the sun’s harmful rays with an IR rejection of 95% and UV rejection of 99%.

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Roll Width is 1520mm. 


Additional information

Dimensions 1000 × 1520 cm
Roll Width (mm / cm)

1520mm / 152cm wide

Film Length (m / cm)

1m / 100cm long, 2m / 200cm long, 3m – 300cm long, 4m / 400cm long, 5m / 500cm long, 6m / 600cm long, 7m / 700cm long, 8m / 800cm long, 9m / 900cm long, 10m / 1000cm long, 12m / 1200cm long, 15m / 1500cm long, 20m / 2000cm long, 25m / 2500cm long, 30m / 3000cm long