EMF 70

£115.00£2,700.00 Inc. vat

Total Solar Energy Reduction 53%

Glare Reduction 20%

UV Reduction 99%

This premium EMF Shielding window film. EMF 70 RF Shielding window film is designed to help protect people against the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution through the glass from a wide variety of sources.

•  Mobile phones, mobile phone masts and DECT cordless phones
•  WiFi, wireless games consoles and computers/laptops
•  Power lines, substations and smart meters
•  House wiring faults, and household appliances
•  Dirty electricity (DE) from CFL lamps, induction hobs and solar power installations

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity can also be referred similarly as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), electro hypersensitivity, electro-sensitivity, and electrical sensitivity (ES).

This film is virtually undetectable once applied making it ideal for retail, historic, domestic and any building where a clear view is required in and out through the glazing and not change the look of the windows.

An internal window film with a 16 Year warranty

What is Carbon Negative window film?
Carbon Negative window film means that the environmental impact required to manufacture, distribute, install and dispose of at the end of the films life cycle, is less than the carbon reduction achieved as a result of the window films installation. Making them environmentally friendly and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Ideal for:

Conservatory, Commercial, Privacy, Home, Industrial, Office, Marine

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 1000 × 1520 cm
Roll Width 1520mm (152cm)

1m long, 2m long, 3m long, 4m long, 5m long, 6m long, 7m long, 8m long, 9m long, 10m long, 12m long, 15m long, 20m long, 25m long, 30m long

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