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Customer Safety First

Is Your Glass Compliant?

Retail outlets rely on their shop front windows to attract customers by advertising their goods. These large expanses of glass may look safe but some managers or building owners are not always aware that some of the glass installed may not comply with current EN12600 European impact tests. Putting innocent shoppers and staff at risk from shards of flying glass in the event of an accidental or intentional breakage.

Failing to do so could result in corporate manslaughter charges and penalties cost millions of pounds or even closure, through glass that does not meet EN12600.

Rather than cause disruption and replace expensive glass, there is a simple solution to upgrade the glass to comply with current legislation, you could save millions of pounds in law suits and the threat of being charged with Corporate Manslaughter as well as being closed down.

There was a mixture of glass installed Superdrug’s some safety glass and other panes not. The non-safety glass had window film already installed, but it was showing signs of wear and tear. Safety film with damage and tears not only looks untidy it may not hold the glass together if the glass was to break.

UK Window Films was asked to replace the damaged film. With hard work and care not to scratch the glass the old safety window film was removed. We applied a new clear safety window film. Now the glass is safe and clear for shoppers to view the offers.

If you would like a glass survey to find out if you comply with current glazing regulations, contact us for a free no obligation survey.

If you would like a glass survey to find out if you comply with current glazing regulations Call us on 01428 751004 for advice or a Free No Obligation quotation for us to install. 

 Safety window film - an added protection

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