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Conservatory roof blinds not keeping you cool

Cool Conservatory With Window Film

Conservatories are a great extension to the home, offering a light airy extension to any home. However some conservatories with modern glazing can become too hot, even on overcast days during the summer. The sun’s glare can also be equally irritating all year round. Normally the first action for a conservatory owner is buy roof blinds. Not only do they cost a small fortune. They will block your view, make the room dark and they do not control the solar heat gain. Window blinds require regular cleaning and maintenance from dead insects being trapped.

UK Window Films was invited to survey a conservatory with conservatory roof blinds already installed, but the conservatory still had solar heat gain issues and annoying glare passing through the conservatory blind gaps and holes.

After a careful discussion demonstrating a range of various suitable window films for the conservatory roof, we decided to install Silver 20 internal window film. Silver 20 offers 80% solar heat reduction, cuts glare by 82% and also helps reduce fading on the fabrics and furnishings by stopping 99% of the UV light.

The first job to do was to carefully remove the conservatory roof blinds and clean the glass ready for the new window film. Once the glass was clean, each piece of the new Silver 20 window film was individually cut to size and installed bubble free.

The difference was felt and seen immediately with the new window film installed. Clarity was restored with a clear view looking out, the sun’s heat was reduced making the room more comfortable to relax in and there was no more squinting the eyes with the sun’s glare. The conservatory and the room behind was now much lighter. No need for lights on during the day.

As the conservatory roof blinds where less than 2 years old, we carefully cleaned and replaced all the roof blinds. Now the conservatory owner had a choice whether to have then open or closed without worrying about overheating, glare or the furnishings fading.

Applying a solar control window film not only works more effectively than most conservatory shading or cooling systems, window film can be installed with minimal fuss and time. Unlike conservatory roof blinds that normally have a 5 year warranty, our window films include a full comprehensive 12 year warranty.

UK Window Films have over 20 years experience in the window film industry. If you require any help or advice call us on 01428 751 004 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Cool Conservatory With Window Film

Solar Control 20 on conservatory roof

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