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Conservatory Window Film Questioner

To help us find the correct window film for your conservatory. Please answer the following questions.

We have over 200  window films suitable for conservatories with various tints and performances. Choosing the right window film can help solve a number of related conservatory problems. By adding window film to your glass or polycarbonate, the film will reduce the sun’s solar heat gain by up 80%, cut the sun’s glare by up to 86%, reduce UV light by 99%, protecting fabrics from fading and increase glass privacy without blocking your view looking out.

It is a simple, but proven cost-effective solution to increase the comfort of living in your conservatory all year round. Window film will increase energy efficiency and enhance the overall appearance in one application. No maintenance, No holes, No leaks as with traditional conservatory blinds. We include a 12-year warranty with every installation installed by us.

If you have any questions about conservatory window films or would like more help.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01428 751004 or email us at

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