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Sugar Cane Printed Wallpaper

Printed Wallpaper

Our full range of custom printed wallpaper is the ideal decoration for any room. Our range of durable printable wallpaper materials give you a choice of printed wallpaper for home use, retail use, office use and many more. We have a great range of thick printable wallpaper ideal for heavy use in commercial or residential…

Privacy window film

Goodbye net curtains, hello privacy film

I had privacy film applied to all my windows as I live in a communal property and appreciate my privacy. Rob was friendly and professional at all times and I am very pleased with the results.   AWilson, .02/07/2018

conservatory blinds

Conservatory roof blinds not keeping you cool

Cool Conservatory With Window Film Conservatories are a great extension to the home, offering a light airy extension to any home. However some conservatories with modern glazing can become too hot, even on overcast days during the summer. The sun’s glare can also be equally irritating all year round. Normally the first action for a…

frosted window dots

Are Your Windows Compliant?

How Window Films Can Assist At UK Window Films we are well used to catering for a variety of requirements, and people come to us wanting window films for a wide range of reasons. For example, you might want a window film to increase the security standards of your building, or perhaps to regulate temperature…

transparent coloured window film

Adding colour to the conservatory

Adding Colour We were invited to look at a 30 year old aluminium conservatory with curved double glazed units that had misted up. Replacing the glass would have been too expensive for the client and would have caused major upheaval. The conservatory was an integral part of the house and in very good condition with…

outside solar control window film

External window film on a school atrium roof

Atrium Roof Solar Control A large London school atrium roof provided a welcome source of natural sunlight into the centre of the academy providing a light and airy environment to work in. However the glazing caused other building issues such as glare in the classrooms and on the whiteboards, especially on days of prolong sunshine.…

clear safety window film

Customer Safety First

Is Your Glass Compliant? Retail outlets rely on their shop front windows to attract customers by advertising their goods. These large expanses of glass may look safe but some managers or building owners are not always aware that some of the glass installed may not comply with current EN12600 European impact tests. Putting innocent shoppers…