Look for the Carbon Negative Window Film logo on approved films to help improve your carbon footprint and improve your green initiatives. Building managers and home owners can now invest in applied window film with the knowledge that they are using industry leading Carbon Negative products and have the opportunity to increase the capacity to generate greater revenue savings.Carbon negative logo

Safety and Security 

2 mil Clear (50 Microns)

4 mil Clear (100 microns)

7 mil Clear (175 microns)

8 mil Clear (200 Microns)


Combination Safety and Security 

4 mil Silver 20 (100 microns)

4 mil Stainless Steel 20 (100 microns)

4 mil Stainless Steel 35 (100 microns)


External Films

Silver 20 OSW

Silver 35 OSW

Stainless Steel 15 OSW

Stainless Steel 25 OSW

Stainless Steel 40 OSW

Stainless Steel 45 OSW

Bronze 20 OSW


Clear Solar Control Window Films



SolarLite 70

SolarLite 40


Solar Control Window Films 

Silver 20

Silver 35

Solar Control 20

Solar Control 40

Solar Control 50

Solar Control 60

Solar Control 70

Stainless Steel 20

Stainless Steel 35

Stainless Steel 50 

True Vue 5

True Vue 15

True Vue 30

True Vue 40


Bronze 20

Bronze 35

Eco Silver


Specialist Films

Clear Frost

Silver Shade



Graffiti Guard


Energy Saving (insulation)

Silver AG 25 Low E

Silver AG 50 Low E


 Please Note: Not all window films listed are for DIY use. Please contact us f you need more information.


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