Traditional window blinds, curtains and awnings can obscure your view, looking through your windows. Making the room darker and require regular maintenance. Our window films avoids these major drawbacks.


The most effective way of reducing solar heat gain and glare is by installing a solar reflective window film. They work by reflecting the sun's energy away from the glazing. Protecting occupants from the sun's heat and annoying glare. But still maintain the good natural sunlight entering, keeping the room light and airy and a clear view out.


Some of the benefits of using window film:

Feel the benefit immediately, by reflecting the sun's harmful properties. Solar control window films will control room temperature by reducing the solar gain and hotspots . Keeping interior environments cool on even the hottest days of the year. Minimising excessive heat flowing to other parts of a building, help reduce energy bills, save money and create comfort.


Safety window films protect occupants from shattered fragments of glass should your glazing be smashed either by accident or through criminal damage. They comply with Health and Safety Regulation 14 and all our tinted window films are certified to meet safety standards. Security window films help deter thieves from smash and grab by making life extremely difficult for them as your glazing will be much stronger.


Some of our spectrally selective window films are virtually invisible, once applied, giving you a clear view in or out unlike some tinted wind films. A virtually invisible film will never create a gloomy or dark outlook at anytime of the year or even alter the physical appearance a building.


Fade protection window films will remove over 99.2% of the damaging ultra violet light, Protecting artwork, flooring, fabrics and furnishings from fading, keeping their 'new' appearance for longer.


Visual Enhancement tinted or printed window films can transform a building and enhance the glazing. Adding branding and value to a building.


Installing our unique Low-E insulating window film will make single glazed windows perform similar to double glazed windows by radiating the heat back into the room, increasing comfort and reduce heating bills. This film also has the added benefit of reducing the solar heat gain, glare and ultra violet light.


UK Window Films offer a cost effective and more practical alternative to the traditional window coverings. Our highly effective window films can be easily applied to glass of all shapes and sizes, in any environment with minimal disruption. Our extensive range of advanced window films offers complete solution. Protecting from the potentially devastating effects of direct sunlight, glass accidents, vulnerable security and acts of vandalism. All our window films include a strong manufacturer's warranty for up to 16 years on some films.


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