With energy prices continuing to rise, windows and doors are still the most vulnerable area in your home for heat loss.


As well as cutting down on home emissions and reducing your premises carbon footprint, our energy saving window films can help reduce solar gain in the Summer months. Cutting solar heat gain will reduce your dependency for operating cooling systems or air conditioning and create a more comfortable living environment.


Applying a dual application Low-E window film will have the added benefits of reflecting energy back into your home, Keeping your home warmer during the Winter. Less money spent on heating bills to heat your home.


Window film is applied directly to the existing glass. Withe the special properties within the film it will keep you cooler during the Summer and warmer during the Winter making window film a more effective solution than traditional methods such as blinds and curtains.


Research has shown that energy saving window film can reduce the energy used for cooling by up to 30%.


Window film is a cost efficient solution compared to expensive and time consuming replacement windows and doors.


Window film can be applied to glass with the minimum of intrusion, and as soon as the film is fitted, the benefits will begin to be realised.



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Our energy saving window film can be professionally installed by our installation team or purchased from our online store to install yourself. 



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