Solar Control window film for the home

Our unique range of virtually invisible spectrally selective window film to will help reduce heat build-up through your glazing. Keeping you cool and comfortable on those hot Summer days. Without obscuring your view looking in or out of the windows or the appearance of your home. 


Solar heat transmitted through the glazing can quickly become unbearable. Applying a virtually invisible or clear spectrally selective solar control window film can reject high levels of solar infrared heat radiation (95%) before entering a room. Protecting you and your family from uncomfortable solar heat gain, hotspots and uneven temperature fluctuations. Saving you money on your energy bills.


Why spectrally selective window film?

Our new generation of spectrally selective solar control window film is a virtually invisible film with a very low reflectance surface similar to glass. Unlike shiney reflective mirrored window film, these high performance films work by filtering out select wavelengths of the sun's infrared radiation by using ceramic and precious metals.


Hard wearing transparent layers of high quality polyester are metallised using sputtering technology that imbeds metal and ceramic particles in to the surface. Then they are laminated with special adhesives, ultraviolet inhibitors and tough protective scratch resistant coating. This ensures an even application, long lasting colour and excellent solar performance for many years.


Our spectrally selective window is perfect for the home or retail environment where you need a clear view looking in or out of you existing glazing without changing the aesthetic appearance of your windows and still maintain a luminous interior, while affording a comfortable and temperate environment.


This short video demonstrates how effective is solar control window film through a double glazed window. The film we used for this demonstration is True Vue 30 applied to the inside of double glazed units with a Low E coating. 




Other benefits

These high performance window films will help reduce glare from the sun and help protect fabrics and furnishings from fading by cutting out 99% on the ultra violet light.

Total Solar Energy RejectedSL70 Spectrally Selective window film    SL70 45 529 386 100


Need more information?

Applying solar heat control window film is an efficient and straightforward process with UK Window Films. To get in touch with us visit our Contact page and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best window film for your project. We are happy to send samples of each film, allowing you to see how each product looks and performs.


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