Silver Shade polycarbonate window film has been specially designed to be installed on to polycarbonate or plastic conservatory roofs, offering superior high solar heat and glare reduction, durability and flexibility on to plastic surfaces.


Once installed, you will benefit from an immediate reduction in internal daytime temperatures and glare, whilst an ultra-violet barrier helps prevent fading and sun damage to furnishings. Silver Shade is inexpensive, effective and is applied quickly, cleanly and with the minimum of disruption to your existing polycarbonate.


With Silver Shade's high performance metallised coating, offering a very low mirror appearance which allows the natural light to enter the room, keeping the room light and airy and will expand and contract with the substructure material without bubbling, peeling, demetallization, cracking or discolouration.


Silver Shade is an extremely effective solution to polycarbonate conservatory heat problems, reducing the sun's heat gain by up to 80% and help reduce the glare by 76%. This film will also reduce ultra violet light by 99% the main cause of fading to fabrics and furnishings.


Silver Shade is maintenance free, just clean as you would with ordinary glass or plastic.


Polycarbonate Window Film is available from our online store for DIY or we can install Silver Shade for you. Call 0800 688 9045 for more information.



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