Natural sunlight is important living or working at home. Glass can offer splendid views looking through your windows and allow lots of natural light into a room, keeping it light and airy. But the sun's glare can be irritating with sunlight reflecting onto your artwork, computer or television screens whether in the conservatory or home.


The typical solution would be to close curtains or blinds. But this will not only significantly reduce the natural lighting entering your home, closing window blinds or curtains will block out your view. 


Applying an Anti Glare window film or anti dazzle film to your windows has the advantage of filtering out the bright glare from the sun, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views without the use of blinds or curtains. The good natural sunlight will still continue to enter, keeping the room light and airy.


Other benefits included with our Anti Glare window film is that it will help reduce the solar heat gain from the sun, resulting in improved indoor solar heat comfort and it will stop 99% of the UV light, protecting artwork, fabrics and furnishings from the effects of fading. Helping to keep your fabrics protected. Your home can effectively enjoy the best of solar protection in one simple application.


Visit our online store for a wide choice of solar glare control window films or call us for a free quotation if you don't fancy installing yourself.



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