How does window film keep you cool in the summer?


Window filmor window tints are designed for solar heat reduction, can be significantly reducing the summer heat from entering through your windows.


Solar radiation consists of 3 primary components: visible light is what we can see, infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) rays which we can feel as heat.


By effectively removing a portion of each of these components, heat reduction is achieved.


Metal or ceramic partials within window film will block or reflect some or most of the infrared (rays that cause heat gain) and ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B that can cause cancer and fading to fabrics). By removing these harmful rays film will help to protect occupants or buildings from hotspots, fading, premature aging and certain types of cancer. In addition, film reduces glare by absorbing or reflecting visible light passing through glass.


Almost all window films will block UV by 99%, thus making this component almost irrelevant.


Darker films will block or absorb more heat than the lighter products, since they remove more of the visible light.


A reflective window film (which has a mirrored tint) reflects rather than filter solar radiation. As the visible light, infrared and ultraviolet rays hits the reflective window film, metal components within the film reflects the rays back out towards the outside. Reflective window films often provide the highest heat reduction numbers because they reflect the heat away before entering or penetrating the glass.


Films that block or filter high amounts of IR light can also provide good performance without the loss of too much light.


Finding the right combination for your specific needs is the key to a good balance. For example, Solar Control 20 will block as much 78% of the sun's total solar energy by reflecting a large portion of the heat outside away from the window. Solar Control 20 will also reduce the annoying glare by 76%, but will still maintain a light and airy room. This film offers a clear view looking out but changes the external appearance of your windows.


Another example is our SL70 a virtual invisible window film that will allow in a greater amount of light and allow a clear view when looking in and out of your windows. While the heat reduction performance is less with a total solar energy rejection of 51%, it will still reduce the solar heat from entering a room.


UK Windo Films recognize that window film is a complicated subject, but we are committed to helping you find the right film based on your needs.


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