The owners were finding living in their new conservatory unbearable. Even though they had the latest glass technology installed in their conservatory roof, they found the room too hot in the sun and glare annoying on the TV screen.


The conservatory is constructed from white uPVC installed with double glazed glass units on the roof and in the window and doors. The roof glazing has a Low E (Pilkington K glass) coating on the inner glass with an anti-sun solar reflective blue coating and self cleaning glass on the outer pane.


The solution was to install Solar Control 20 on the roof. We chose this film because it maintains a clear view looking out, enhance the glass solar reflective properties, increasing safety and comfort. Solar Control 20 is a high performance from that will reduce huge amounts of solar heat gain but still allow the natural light in. Keeping the room and the rooms behind the conservatory light and airy.


Solar Control 20 is an internally applied window film. Designed to reduce the solar heat gain by 78% and the glare reduction is 76%. During and as soon as the film was installed the owners felt and saw the benefits straight away. The film was install by our installers in one day, with minimum disruption and completely bubble free. Solar control 20 will also reduce UV light by 99% protecting the fabrics & furnishings from fading. Solar Control 20 includes a 12 year warranty against peeling, bubbling, delamination and discolouration.


Solar Control 20





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