A fantastic way to decorate a shop front or even a kid’s play room is to use graphics on a safety window film. These can also be great for offices, and here are 5 reasons why they are beneficial for all situations.


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1. Security

Even though this window film is printed with your favourite graphics, it still has the fantastic security qualities of the films added to your window for safety. The graphic film will strengthen your window as well as making it shatter resistant. In the unfortunate event of a broken window the film will hold all the shards together making it safer for everyone.


Window Films 2


2. Branding

If you are looking for printed windows for your business or shop you have found the right place. The additional branding will make a dramatic impact on your customer’s first impression of your business. With the ability to print anything onto glass or film you can go wild with the design and use every bit of your imagination!


3. Protection

The film applied to your window will also protect you and your building from excessive exposure to UV rays. The effects of this can also prevent your skin from premature aging and reduce the risk of skin cancer.


Window Films 3


4. Antiglare

There is nothing worse than being in an office where you can’t focus because of glare, or trying to shop when you can’t see all the products properly as well. The addition of our film to your window can save the day, and even better if it displays your business!


5. Privacy

Who doesn’t want a little extra privacy! Perfect for office situations when you just want to get your head down and work.


Window Films 4


If you are interested in having some custom printed graphic window films in London to make your shop, home or office stand out heads above the rest then contact us now. Not only will you benefit from the beautiful appearance, you will also get all the brilliant safety and privacy features. Call us now on 0800 688 9045 and talk to a member of our fantastic team.






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