If you are a homeowner you will undoubtedly be aware of which windows in your home receive the most sunlight. Over time the suns effects on the fabrics inside your home can become glaringly apparent as fabrics such as curtains and other fabric items begin to fade as they are bleached by the sun. The damage that the sun can cause to fabrics can be extensive and irreparable, as the fibres cannot have the colour restored and they have to either be replaced or covered.


How does fading happen?

The technical term for the fading that occurs is photo-degradation and is actually a chemical reaction between the sunlight and the dyes in fabric. We see just how strong the sun’s rays can be in the way that it can quickly tan or burn your skin, and the energy potential in sunlight is huge. The dyes used in fabrics are actually a mixture of elements that, when combined, create the desired colour. When exposed to sunlight consistently and for extended periods of time the dye in fabrics is actually broken down into its individual elements, and therefore loses its colour.


 The main culprit for causing fading is the UV rays that are prominent in sunlight, and are widely thought to cause damage to all materials over time. UVA are the longer waves that are emitted by the sun and penetrate deep into fabrics, breaking down the chemical bonds within the fibres and the dye. Not only can these rays cause fading, given enough time they can even damage the actual fabric. High exposure areas on furniture can become severely damaged over time and become susceptible to ripping and tearing.


How can you protect fabrics?

Regularly replacing the fabrics and upholstery in your home would obviously be ruinously expensive, and there are certain items such as heirlooms that cannot simply be replaced. Preventing the possibility of damage is the best and cheapest way to ensure that your fabrics are there to last. Here at UK Window Films we have several years of experience in providing window films in London and offer window films that can prevent sunrays from getting to fabrics without blocking the natural light that is also provided.


Our window films sit on your windows and help to block the harmful sunrays, ensuring that the contents of your home or workplace are not subject to damage. They are even available in clear form, so that the view into or out of your premises is not interrupted in any way.


If you have any further questions on any of our products then don’t hesitate to contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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