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Customer Safety First

Retail outlets rely on their shop front windows to attract customers by advertising their goods. These large expanses of glass may look safe but some managers or building owners are not always aware that some of the glass installed may not comply with current EN12600 European impact tests. Putting innocent shoppers and staff at risk from shards of flying glass in the event of an accidental or intentional breakage.


Safety Window Film



Conservatory roof blinds not working

Conservatories are a great extension to the home, offering a light airy extension to any home. However some conservatories with modern glazing can become too hot, even on overcast days during the summer. The sun's glare can also be equally irritating all year round. Normally the first action for a conservatory owner is buy roof blinds. Not only do they cost a small fortune. They will block your view, make the room dark and they do not control the solar heat gain. Window blinds require regular cleaning and maintenance from dead insects being trapped.

 Conservatory blinds



Adding colour to a conservatory

Adding some extra colour to a conservatory made simple

 Transparent window film



No More Window Blinds

 External window film Stainless Steel 25

A modern state of the art Academy in London were suffering with heat and glare passing through their modern laminated glazing. The typical window blinds installed were breaking from misuse and required regular expensive maintenance or replacement.



External window film on a school atrium roof

A large London school atrium roof provided a welcome source of natural sunlight into the centre of the academy providing a light and airy environment to work in. However the glazing caused other building issues such as glare in the classrooms and on the whiteboards, especially on days of prolong sunshine. 

 Silver 20 OSW



Conservatory roof filmed from £425 inc.

Don't fancy installing window film yourself?


For a limited time you can have Silver solar control window installed on your conservatory roof from £425.00 including VAT.


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How Window Films Can Assist With Compliance

At UK Window Films we are well used to catering for a variety of requirements, and people come to us wanting window films for a wide range of reasons. For example, you might want a window film to increase the security standards of your building, or perhaps to regulate temperature or light levels, and there is certainly no shortage of benefits to tap into.


Why Would You Want Frosted Window Films?

Window film might not seem like a good addition to your domestic premises at first. You may look at other houses, assume that nobody else is using it, and come to the conclusion that it’s not all that important. However, don’t be so sure, as window film actually has a lot to offer a domestic premise. Far from just being a commercial investment, frosted window film in particular is more widely used in domestic buildings than you might think. Here are a few of the benefits that it could bring you.


Keeping Your Premises Secure

It’s always a necessity to take precautions in order to keep your business or commercial premises secure. With so many burglaries and break-ins happening in the UK as a result of pure opportunism, very often all that is necessary is to showcase some obvious security measures, and any potential miscreants will be greatly dissuaded from investigating your building.


Facts About Skin Protection and Window Film

We should all be aware the of dangerous effects of direct sunlight on our skin when outside in the sun, on holiday, at the beach or park.  Ultra Violet Light radiation in sunlight has many negative effects on the skin including:-

The Five Fantastic Benefits of Printed Window Screens

A fantastic way to decorate a shop front or even a kid’s play room is to use graphics on a safety window film. These can also be great for offices, and here are 5 reasons why they are beneficial for all situations.



Why does the sun fade upholstery and fabrics?


If you are a homeowner you will undoubtedly be aware of which windows in your home receive the most sunlight. Over time the suns effects on the fabrics inside your home can become glaringly apparent as fabrics such as curtains and other fabric items begin to fade as they are bleached by the sun. The damage that the sun can cause to fabrics can be extensive and irreparable, as the fibres cannot have the colour restored and they have to either be replaced or covered.


Conservatory Too Hot?

Reduce the sun's heat and glare in one simple application. 

  • Does your conservatory suffer from excessive heat?
  • Do you feel cheated when you cannot use your conservatory during the summer?
  • Is the sun fading your fabrics and furnishings?
  • Are your conservatory blinds spoiling your view out?
  • Do you need to wear sunglasses indoors to combat the sun’s glare?

Our barely detectable, micro-thin specialist conservatory window films are manufactured to reduce the sun's harmful effects.  Available in different shades and performances. Our window films will give protection, comfort, a completely stylish and a glamorous look to your conservatory, without the need for expensive blinds. Creating a safe and comfortable living environment all year round.


Upto 80% Heat Rejection  -  Reduce Glare by upto 94%  -  Cut UV by 99%  -  Scratch Resistant Coatings 


NOTHING WORKS BETTER - Conservatory window films work better than blinds. By reflecting the heat away before entering the room. Our window films have been designed to allow the natural light in, keep the conservatory and the room behind light and airy. Whilst still maintaining a clear view looking out. 


Fast Professional Installation - No Holes - No Dust - Minimium Fuss - 12 Year Warranty



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How solar control window film keeps you cool in the Summer heat

How does window film keep you cool in the summer?



Solar control window film is not just for the Summer

Fact, many people assume window film is only for helping to reduce Summer heat gain through their glazing. Our Low'E' window film will help reduce your fuel bills, keeping you warmer though the Winter and cooler in the Summer.



Conservatory too hot? Annoying glare?

The owners were finding living in their new conservatory unbearable. Even though they had the latest glass technology installed in their conservatory roof, they found the room too hot in the sun and glare annoying on the TV screen.



Residential Solar Control Window Film


Residential Solar Control Window Film. Creating a better environment for the family at home.


 Lounge door


So why use an external window film

Upgrading your windows using UK Window Films premium 15 Year warranty external window film is highly economical and effective at filtering heat, reducing the load on HVAC systems while preserving glass clarity. So why choose and external window film, as opposed to an internal one?



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