Our retail window films are virtually undetectable once installed. Designed to protect vulnerable stock from fading and sun damage, retail window films will still maintain clear unobscured view when looking either in and out through the glazing.cat img4


Fade Protection Window Film

Our high performance retail window films work by using precious metals and ceramic technology embedded within the film that stop 99% of Ultraviolet Light (UV) and up to 55% of the solar heat before damaging your valuable window display. Working from the minute the film is installed. Retail window film offers huge benefits, protecting vulnerable window displays and artwork from sun damage. Saving you both money and time.


Our retail window films are available in a solar/security combination, designed to hold the glass together protecting occupants in the event of an accident or intentional breakage. Our safety film will help improve glass safety and security from vandals or unwanted burglars and avoid damage or glass contaminated stock from being throw away or unwanted shop closures.


Anti Graffiti Guard Window Film 

Windows, mirrors and graphic panes are an easy target for abuse from scratching to chemicals, pens and spray paint. Lost service or replacement can be an unwanted expense in time and money.


A small investment in applying our unique easy clean optically clear Anti Graffiti Film will save a huge amount of stress, time and money. Keeping you and you glass protected.


Anti Graffiti Guard is easily applied externally to your existing glass. With it's hard-coat surface cleaning most chemicals, spray paints and pen makers is easy. The thick 6mil multi ply exterior construction helps prevent gouging, etching and scratching to the glass. This film is ideal for high traffic environments. Protecting the glass from scratches and scuffs, whether intentional or accidental. Anti Graffiti Guard will also protect you stock from UV light. The main cause of fading.


 This diagram shows the main cause of fading to fabrics and furnishings




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 If you have any questions or require a quote about our retail window film, please call 0800 688 9045.



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