How to avoid high energy bills with Low-E window films

With winter just around the corner, this usually means turning the heating up and an increase in energy bills. Conserving heat should be high on the agenda.


For most homes and companies. Cavity wall and roof insulation is often regarded as the most sensible investment to make. What about the glass in your windows?


Some outside walls of an office or a home often consist of more glass than brick walls or cladding. Untreated glass will be your weakest point for heat loss. Closing curtains or blinds may help to retain some of the heat, but this spoils your view.


Window insulation should be seen as the number one priority for energy-conscious companies and home owners this winter. The problem is that most people do not know how to go about insulating their windows.


The most logical step, many believe, is to install low-emissivity (low-e) glazing. By absorbing a significant amount of energy created by heating systems inside the building, low-e glazing is extremely effective at preventing heat loss and keeping energy bills down as a result. However, low-e glazing requires new windows to be installed, a very large upheaval and an expensive investment that will make a significant impact to your pocket.



Fortunately there is a product which will upgrade your existing windows to conform with Low-e glass performance, and at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.


Clear Low-e window film is a retrofit product, that can be applied to existing windows, without the need for replacement. This is not just an easier option; it's also around 80 percent cheaper, and by reflecting 25% of interior heat back into the room, there's no compromise on performance either. Additionally with window film, the promise of energy saving extends beyond the winter months, allowing for reduced energy consumption when the sun comes out during the summer.


The energy-saving focus is rightly pointed at insulation during these colder months. But it needs to be acknowledged that during the summer months, internal temperatures dramatically increase due to solar heat gain, and end up being remedied by the use of another costly and energy hungry solution, air conditioning. Left unchecked, this represents a huge energy burden on businesses that totally negates the energy savings that insulation may provide.


Unlike most low-e glazing, low-e window film is not only able to keep the office or home warmer in the winter, but cooler in the summer. By blocking a significant amount of solar heat from entering the building when temperatures are high, interiors remain at a stable temperature and the need for air conditioning is reduced. Coupled with its insulation benefits, the result is year round comfort, and a greatly reduced energy burden no matter what the weather is like outside. This can only be positive, saving money and increasing comfort.


Clear Low-E window film is avaliable installed by us or DIY at our online shop.


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