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Making the right decisions about energy efficiency improvements can be challenging. Energy efficiency professional's prioritise building systems upgrades such as lighting and HAVC controls. But building envelopes can also be easily upgraded economically and effectively with our carbon negative solar control window films. Offering one of the best opportunities for a speedy ROI and creating a comfortable working environment by reducing hotspots and decrease the need for air conditioning. 


Over 30% of a building's average cooling load is due to solar heat gain passing through the glazing. By applying our solar control window film to your existing glazing, you can control the amount of solar gain heat entering. This not only reduces heat build-up, temperature fluctuations and hot spots, but also cuts HVAC running cost dramatically. Helping to lower carbon emissions, saving money on fuel and HVAC maintenance costs.  


Because buildings are such a large source of carbon emissions, many building managers are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint.

In many cases our solar control window films are carbon negative within one month of installation. More efficient than low-e coatings at rejecting solar heat, UK Window Films window films are both carbon-effective and cost-effective, reducing a building's carbon footprint more effectively and for less money than new windows.



One square meter of a low-e wood window, the type with the smallest carbon footprint, has a carbon cost of 444 kilograms. The carbon cost of our carbon negative window film is less than one kilogram per square meter.


Our carbon negative window film saves 100 times more GHG emissions from entering the atmosphere than is used and/or created during its manufacture.


We have 46 Architectural solar control window films available.



UK Window Films deliver an extensive range of energy saving carbon neutral window film. Whether you need a speedy return on your investment, looking at long term energy conservation or enhance the functionality of a building, UK Window Films will have a film for your needs.


Worried about heat loss? 

Please see Insulating Window Films, to help reduce heat loss passing out through your windows.


Our energy saving window film can be professionally installed by our installation team or purchased from our online store to install yourself.


If you have any questions send us an email from our contact page or call today on 0800 688 9045.


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