Security & Safety window film applied to your existing glass, protects occupants and property in the event of glass breakage whether criminal activity or accidental. Glass can often be a weak point in your building. An intruder may try to break the glass first, then try to open the window or even climb through.


Due to the flexible construction and pressure-sensitive mounting adhesive in our safety & security window films, they will strengthen the structure of the glass on which it has been applied to, helping to hold shards of glass together in the event of breakage, by reducing the risk of dangerous flying glass that may cause serious accidents or even fatalities.


Although these films may not act as a deterrent to criminals in itself, it will severely limit the amount of damaged caused by an impact and help slow down an intruder's ability to smash a window for entry.


All of our safety, security and Bomb Blast window films all have GGF test certificates and passed BS EN 12600 Glass in Building Pendulum Test, Impact Test Method. Installed to comply with Regulation 14 BS 6206.


Safety & security window film is available in optically clear or tinted for extra privacy or solar heat and glare protection.


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If you have any queries about Security & Safety window film, please send and email through our Contact page or phone 0800 688 9045 for more information.



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