Working near glass can offer splendid views through your windows, allow lots of natural light into the office, keep the workspace light and airy. But the sun's glare can be irritating with direct sunlight onto your computer or television screen.



The traditional solution would be to use window blinds or a screen protector. But the main problem with window blinds is that they will significantly reduce the natural lighting entering into the office, block out your view, require regular maintenance and and can look very tatty viewed from the outside.


Applying an Anti Glare window treatment film or window tinting to your existing office windows has the advantage of filtering out the bright sun glare by as much as 95%, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views without the use of traditional window blinds. The natural sunlight will continue to enter, keeping the room light and airy, saving on electric light energy bills.


Other benifit of our Anti Glare window film, is that it will help reduce the solar heat gain from the sun, resulting in improved indoor climate control, comfort and helping lower energy consumption by reducing the need for air conditioning and other cooling systems. Anti Glare window film will also stop 99% of the UV light, protecting artwork, fabrics and furnishings from the effects of fadingSo you can effectively enjoy the best of both worlds in one simple application.



 Anti Glare window film can be professionally installed by our teams.



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