UK Window Films supply and install a wide range of commercial window films for the office and workplace. An ideal solution to solve most glass related problems such as heat, glare, safety, security, privacy or enhancing glass with a splash of colour or tint. 


Whether you have air conditioning or not, all too often, especially during the summer months. The sun's Solar Heat gain can cause office temperatures to soar, making it unbearably hot. This reduces work efficiency, causes employees to become stressed or fatigue which usually leads to complaints, tiredness and sometimes even means certain areas of an office building being avoided during the hottest months of the year. Costing production time and loss revenue. Applying a solar control window film, window tinting will create comfort and help save money immediately.


'Regulation 14' of The Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) 1992, states that during working hours, the temperature in all workplaces shall be reasonable. If it is not, then our commercial window film in London and the UK can offer a cost effective solution.


Anti-Glare Window Film

The sun's glare can create a problem all year round with bright sunlight on computer monitors and white boards causing eyestrain. Anti glare window film can help alleviate this problem without closing window blinds, which obscure your view looking out and make a room darker. Anti Glare window film will reduce the bright glare from coming in and still allow the good natural light from the sun to enter a room, keeping it light and airy.  

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Safety and Security Window Film

Safety and Security Window Film may be a requirement with the increase of terrorism, crime and Health & Safety regulations. Window film therefore has many applications and thus many business both large and small often require the solutions that film can provide on a commercial basis, often as a tax-deductible investment.


'Health & Safety Regulation 14 states all glazed areas must be protect from glass breakage, safety glazing to meet BS6206 and clear glazed areas must be marked to prevent people colliding with the glass.'


Standard safety window film is optically clear with no window tinting. If your suffering with sun's heat, glare or both then a Safety and Solar Heat Combination commercial window film can solve all these problems with one simple application. Designed reflect harmful light and solar energy away from the building, some by over 95% and keeping occupants safe from the dangers of broken glass. This leads to a more comfortable and pleasant working environment, more cost effective and efficient than air conditioning systems, increased productivity all round, and reduces energy consumption.



Enhance Your Building's Looks

Designing an office interior is very important, investing a huge amount of time and money.


The right design can help to give your organisation the edge, allow you to streamline business processes, enhance your brand, attract and retain staff, improve productivity and give the right impression to your clients. 


What about the view from the outside? The glazing from the outside is usually neglected. This is what your client will see first when approaching a building and it can be the first impression of how a client views your company.


Very often window blinds are installed at the windows. They may be practical for glare reduction and privacy, but from the outside, window blinds break and can look very tatty in a short time. This changes the appearance of your building and very few employees will want to work behind closed blinds.


With a large choice of decorative window film and tinted window film with high performance solar control properties choosing the right film will not only enhance how your building looks and provide window privacy, but will also remove the need for tatty window blinds and help hide the clutter against the windows, protecting your business.


Window film, being a retro fit product, can be installed to your existing glazing in a fraction of the time and cost, it would take to replace traditional window blinds or the glazing.



Applying a window film tinting can have other benefits in one simple application:-


  • Reduce the sun's glare by up to 95%.
  • Cut solar heat gain and help reduce your energy consumption from air conditioning.
  • Improve comfort for the occupants by reducing hot spots.
  • Offers glass privacy from onlookers outside.
  • Increase safety and security by holding glass shards in the event of glass breakage.
  • Allow natural light to enter a room, reducing lighting cost's.
  • Protects employees sitting near glass from UV skin damage.
  • Give a payback against fuel bills.


Commercial window film can be professionally installed by us or visit our online store for a fast delivery service. 


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